About Gracie

I discovered my love of baking through my Grandmother, Patty Grace, at a young age, and spent many years simply keeping her, and my own, delicious recipes to myself.

Having attained an Honours Degree in English and Theology at N.U.I Maynooth in 2007, I decided to put my learning (and my parents well spent money) to good use and create my own type of religion, with the combined dieties of Sugar and Chocolate. With my recipe book bible in hand, l began as just Gracies' Buns in a very small community run market in Waterford City and I have, ever since, been going from strength to strength.

In June 2011, I attained my first PME Diploma in Sugar Craft (Sugarpaste) and began making my first cakes. Since then, I have gone on to attain two more PME Diplomas in Sugar Craft (Sugar Flowers and Royal Icing) and thus, finally in 2012 ...my Masters in Cake Decorating! I have also attended a chocolatier course so can make your chocolate dreams come true too!

What sets Gracies' Buns & Cakes apart is that each cake and bun are made to order, are 100% fresh and homemade, and contain the best ingredients possible... the Chocolate Orange Buns, for instance, actually contain real oranges...and of course, the finest quality chocolate!

Since I started out as Gracies' Buns & Cakes, I have gained many a loyal customer, and in April 2012, 10 months after making my first cake, I became an Award Winning Wedding Cake Designer when I was awarded a commendation from the Dublin Sugar Craft Guild for my Wedding Cake design.

This year at the 2013 Cork Sugarcraft Guild Competitions I won Bronze for my Cupcake Design and I was also Commended for my Birthday Cake entry. (All awards and Diplomas can be viewed on my facebook page)

Please feel free to email, call, or facebook me with any questions or requests. Please do not text as i often don’t get time to reply to texts. I am open monday to saturday from 12 noon til 6pm for calls.